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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  June 26, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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vindication." that's how president trump is reacting to the u-s supreme court's decision to uphold his travel ban. good afternoon, i'm anne makovec. and i'm mich live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> a moment of profound vindication, how president donald trump is reacting to the u.s. supreme court's decision to uphold his travel ban.
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i am anne makovec. >> and i am michelle griego. reporter angelica alvarez has more. >> reporter: we are hearing a lot about this but the first coming from president donald trump with what he calls a victory. the mission's highest court has ruled president donald trump's controversial travel -- travel ban constitutional handing a significant legal victory to the trump administration, rejecting the challenge the policy disseminated against muslims or exceeded the president's authority. >> a tremendous success. a tremendous victory for the american people. >> reporter: barring people from seven countries from entering the united states. in five years of those countries, the majority residents are muslim. roberts was joined by four other conservative justices.
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they determined the president has substantial control over immigration. the state of hawaii sued arguing it violates religious freedom laws. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> reporter: hawaii cited past comments from president donald trump as proof of illegal discrimination based on religion. justice sonia sotomayer wrote, "based on the evidence in the case, a reasonable observer would conclude the proclamation was motivated by anti-muslim animus." >> today's decision puts the religious liberty of all americans at risk. >> reporter: this third version of the travel ban includes libya, iran, somalia,yemen, syria, as well as north korea and venezuela. it went into effect in december and will remain in place. administration argues the policy attorney general jeff sessions is pleased about the decision. we spoke to protesters of the aclu who were not happy sreme , action has been strong here
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in the bay area and across california. kpix 5 reporter jackie ward shows us: people who disag angelica alvarez for kpix 5. the trump administration argues the policy is needed to protect the country from terrorist attacks. the president made calls for a travel ban a key part of his campaign for the white house. reaction has been strong in the bay area and across california. reporter jackie ward shows us people who disagree with today's ruling who say their fight is not over yet. >> i think this decision is terrible and irrevocable. it's not that. o think this is a rs and trum victory, it is not at all. >> reporter: a fight the asian law caucus and cair california have been fighting for months. despite the supreme court ruling, they say their battle against the trump administration isn't over. san francisco's supervisor, an iranian american, stands with them. >> we will continue to fight this and continue to take this
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to court. we will continue to take this to the streets. >> reporter: since the travel ban took effect last december, they say lives have been disrupted. >> our families have been separated. studies have been interrupted. medical attention that has needed sought has not been able to do so. >> reporter: political leaders from california expressed their dismay and frustration, as well. minority leader nancy pelosi saying, "no matter how many times@real donald trump rewrites his muslim ban, it remains one of the great injustices of our time." senator, harris writes, "this country was built on the premise that all people should be welcome to our shores. this is an utter failure of that promise." and attorney general javier passaro says one day this nation in court will look back and regret this ruling that legalized discrimination. immigration lawyers say this litigation will be remanded and play out in lower courts. jackie gore, kpix 5.
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the court today struck down california's reproductive "fact" act. the measure requires pro-l the supreme court has blocked a california law intended to provide pregnant women in crisis with information about abortion. a court today struck down the reproductive fact act, their beliefs. opponents have called it a "gross violation of requiring pro-life pregnancy counseling centers to post notices about free and low-cost abortion. the centers argue the law violated their right to free speech by saying "the supreme court sided with anti- choice extremists over women. its decision will directly harm undermine thei forcing them to convey messages at odds with their beliefs. opponents have called it a gross violation of the first amendment. bay area congresswoman barbara lee criticizes the decision saying, "the supreme court sided with antichoice extremists over women. it's decision will directly harm women and undermine their rights to make their own health care decisions." > rnor brown has declared a state of emergency for lake county as firefighters continue to struggle with the pawnee fire. it moved east overnight for the india wrap -- indian river reservoir forcing people from their homes. jessica florez has the latest
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from an evacuation senator. >> reporter: this has been set up as a readback -- red cross evacuation center for the community of spring valley. this is where residents have been going for the last several days as the pawnee fire continues to burn. currently, it's at 5% containment. the wind-fueled fire has ripped through more than 11,000 acres of tender, dry land, and debris. 22 structures burned and 76 buildings remain near the fire's path and thousands of residents forced from their homes for another day. some say at the lower lake high school shelter. >> they are not staying here at one time but we've had as many as 500 registered. >> reporter: firefighters from around california are heading to lower lake as crews on the ground have working around the clock, saving dozens of homes. connie johnson hopes her home
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is still standing. >> i don't know if it's okay now because the house and bridge by mine no just waiting to find out. >> reporter: johnson is among the activities -- evacuees staying in front of the moose lodge in clear lakes. this has become an unofficial evacuation center. residents have set up tents and campers. evacuees say nearly every summer for the past five years, fires forced them to evacuate. >> this is constant and it's everywhere. the weather, the drought, people lighting them. firefighters are battling that fire, along with aircraft dropping fire retardant.. two other wild i don't know what's going on. >> reporter: fire officials say there have been no reported injuries to firefighters or residents. the cause of the fire is under investigation. in lower lake, jessica florez, kpix 5. >> cal fire says about 1500 firefighters are battling that fire and they are dropping fire retardant. two other wild fires are burning across the state. on your left, vtol fire in tehama county has burned about 300 acres and is about 30%
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contained. m reservoir to help put out the flames. at last nt cont multiple residential and commercial buildings have been destroyed. on the right, the flat fire in to balmy county which has scorched nearly 200 acres. the moccasin reservoir water helped put out the fires. it is now 75% contained. as wildfires rage across the state, pg&e has announced plans to cut power during extreme fire danger weather. , or email c they are going to use a map, which the public utilities approved, read signifying extreme conditions, yellow elevated risk. local agencies on ho s needing powe the utility says it will call, text or email customers if it plans to cut power. protesters are demonstrating outside a fo tary compound. they could have up to 48 hours or just one hour of notice. pg&e is working with other agencies to help customers in need of life-saving emergencies. protesters are demonstrating outside a former bay area military compound. and that sheriffs refuse to let elected officials inspect the
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facility. today's protest ends at 7 p-m. ti to reun rimond jails undocumented immigrants and that sheriffs refused to let elected officials inspect the facility. today's protest ends at 7 pm. this just in. 17 states are suing to force the trump administration to reunite migrant families. this is the first legal challenge by states over that practice. and at a campaign rally in south carolina, president donald trump repeated his claim that democrats want crime in america. it is the latest in the intensifying war of words over immigration, a restaurant in a department store, in a gas station, you get out and you call a crowd..">
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>> congressional republicans have introduced a resolution calling on waters to apologize and resign. u.s. attorney general -- attorney general jeff sessions is in l.a. this afternoon. federal courthouse... to protest the trump administration's immigration policies. police arrested about 2-dozen activists. the a-g is in l-a to deliver a speech to the criminal justice legal foundation. california lawmakers are taking action.. after more than 100 women came hundreds of demonstrators greeted him outside the federal courthouse to protest the trump administration's immigration policies. police arrested about two dozen activists. the ag is in l.a. to deliver a speech to the criminal justice legal foundation. california lawmakers are taking action after more than 100 women came forward calling out harassment in the capital. they approved a new sexual misconduct policy. it will task outside experts to review claims and recommend disciplinary action. this comes as three state lawmakers have resigned. the new policy is expected to take full effect early next year. london breed is wrapping up her city's next mayor.. two weeks from tomorrow.
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coming up: it's ha term as president of the board of supervisors. today, city leaders will be tasked with voting on her replacement. briede will step down from her duties after tonight's board meeting. she is set to be sworn in as the next mayor two weeks from tomorrow. coming up, it's tough to mess. a massive tent the size of two football fields popped up outside of tesla's factory in fremont. plus, why the chinese government is retaliating against a popular comedian by blocking its citizens' access wisconsin is blaming president to hbo. a lot more sunshine out there today. it's a sign of warmer weather in your forecast, but temperatures are going to rise at the end of the week. i will explain.
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harley-davidson to move some production overseas. the motorcycle maker, which is based in wisconsin, announced
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yesterda manufactur the republican governor of wisconsin is blaming president donald trump's tariffs for forcing harley-davidson to move production overseas. the automaker says it's shifting some manufacturing to europe because of the added cost of retaliatory tariffs. governor scott walker says the solution is not tariffs at all. is blaming the company itself. the machin >> that's when i'm going to push for so we don't have this [null]-for-tat on products out there. >> the union representing harley workers is blaming the company itself. the union says harley-davidson is using the tariffs as an excuse to move work overseas. the president tweeted, "a harley-davidson should never be built in another country. their employees and customers are already angry with them. if they move, they will be taxed like never before."
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two tents the size of a football field popped up out of tesla's factory. sarah osborne has more on what's going on there. >> reporter: it's not just the structure itself drying attention, but rather what is reportedly going on inside. the ceo, elon musk, tweeted, "need another generally -- general assembly line to reach model production. the building was impossible so we built a giant tent in two weeks." it is safe to assume it houses the new general assembly line for the model 3. it's the car that is supposed to launch the country into a bridge between luxury vehicles and economy vehicles. the company promised it would turn out 5000 of its model 3 cars by the end of this month. the company has struggled to reach that goal so far. according to bloomberg, elon musk said two years ago that 100,000 to 200,000 model 3's would be produced by the second half of 2017. the company has also been in the news after elon musk announced a 9% layoff to turn a profit. that's about 3600 workers.
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he wrote in an email that the company will never achieve its mission to help move the world to cleaner energy unless, "we eventually demonstrate that we can be sustainably profitable." according to bloomberg, tesla got a temporary permit to house the tent out there. no word on how long this will help with the model 3 production or if it's fully operational. the team went into a cave after a weekend match. but then monsoon rains trapped them inside. they've been missing for 3 days. authorities are racing to pump the water out. the water filled the cav in thailand, a race against time to rescue 12 boys and their soccer coach from a flooded cave. the team went into a cave after a weekend match but then monsoon rains trapped them inside. they have been missing for three days. authorities are racing to pump out the water. the water filled the cave to its ceiling. officials hope the boys found a safe space away from all the flooding. thanks, neda. "adlib big board" "adlib b around here, nothing but sunny skies around the bay area. >> today is a lot warmer day
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thanks to that sunshine and you can see that hear from our sales force tower camera. to the north, there is a sliver of cowed cut -- cloud coverage over marin and then to the west, we still have some clouds right there on the water. that has been the story throughout the day. a lot of inland locations got sunshine early on but here is the view from south ocean beach. great conditions over the coastline. san francisco 62, 81 livermore. 80 in concorde. gray skies are lingering ov the beach. here is a look at wind speeds. a little later on shore this morning. it's starting to pick up through sfo and san francisco. oakland -- oakland down to 8. antioch, usual places where it's breezy. it looks calmer than this time yesterday. we have a lot to the north so that's bringing us
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a west wind but it is lighter today. that's contributing to warmer air for those inland locations compared to yesterday. look at that. a 30 degree difference. yes, temperatures will feel a lot warmer. our microclimate in full effect. morgan hill upper 80s, 90 possible for brentwood. walnut creek 83. temperatures right around the water will be in the 60s, 68 alameda, 69 oakland, and san rafael 78. wine country in the low to mid 80s. it's pretty hot in lakeport and clear lake, where they are fighting the pawnee fire. temperatures will be warm this afternoon for them. by friday and saturday, that's when the warmth will arrive. this high pressure will bring our temperatures into the triple digits. saturday expected to be the hottest day of the week. sunset at 8:35 pm. here is a look at the 7-day forecast. consistent the next few days. temperatures inland pretty normal. friday, saturday, sunday the heat is on. 90s and 100 degrees this
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weekend. >> hot. all right. chinese censors have removed oliver's videos from a blogging site -- available in let's look at the big board. see how the financial markets are doing. the dow is up about 72 points. china is trying to silence comedian john oliver. ... e censorship. ding with the chinese sensors have removed his videos from the blogging site, the only place they are available in that country. it comes after his last show, which offered a scathing critique of chinese president xi jinping. one of the topics he covered was chinese censorship. are you riding with the safest by comment on the market? the results of a first of its kind crash test. if you are a pet lover, we want you to send us any questions you have about their health or well-being. email and we will give you an answer from a pet expert every friday at noon. the sunrise sunset report to you by kelly more paints. go where the pros go, kelly
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tech helmet lab and the insurance institute for highway safety show a big difference in how much protection helmets provide. researchers use sensors to test commonly- impacted areas in a crash. d helmets? bike helmets are not created equal. >> new testing from the virginia tech helmet lab and the insurance institute for highway safety show a big difference in how much protection helmets provide. researchers use sensors to test commonly impacted areas in a crash. the top rated helmets, marade, bell stratus, and they are equipped with a low friction layer inside the home.
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>> all my comments must pass regulations but those tests are limited in what they evaluate. >> the lowest rating, the laser genesis. we will be right back. you could generate your own energy,
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at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. one in seven mountain view homes are at risk for *collapse here is our grocery tip of the da-- 20 tantillo. >> cold storage fuji apples are on the market right now.
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they are re-releasing them, which means they packed these apples in september-october to put them in rooms controlled for the atmosphere to suck out the oxygen and the rooms are kept at about 42 degrees, 38 to 42 degrees. it's basically putting them to sleep. they released them again in the spring and summer and the large apples coming out right now are wonderful. they are holding up their crispiness but selection and storage is very important. don't compromise because they will be nhia lee. get beautiful colors all the way around. nice and firm. when you bring them home, they go in the refrigerator. note on the counter. fuji apples, large ones. there still crispy and delicious. remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. a one in seven homes ti
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that story and more at five. that's it for k-p- i-x 5 news at noon. the bold and t b -- one in seven homes in mountain view are at risk of collapse during an earthquake and it's one of the most expensive places to live so we asked how much would it cost for families to retrofit their properties? that story and more coming up at five -- 5:00 right here on kpix 5. >> that does it for us on kpix 5 at noon but the bold and the beautiful is next. >> thank you for joining us. we will be back tomorrow.
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